The Vision behind work-o-shop

In the world of technology, We are surrounded by gadgets but do we really understand these things? We have been never taught the basic technology behind these gadgets and are often dependent on experts and technicians for support whenever something goes wrong. Most of the people are educated but they lack knowledge. Education does not guarantee success. It is just the certification which ensures that you are ready to understand more complex topics.

Throughout the academics we are taught the fundamentals and basics in theory and practical parts are only covered in the higher education.This creates the gap between the theoretical knowledge and ability to apply it in regular life. We are not taught those essential things that are actually required to lead a successful career ahead.

We rely on these skills from people around us or through books or videos but some things can only be mastered when taught efficiently. Amid so many things available to learn in the world we are confused for when and how to start with.

Every Creation needs to go through five different process:

  1. Learning

The beginning of every creation is learning. Unless we know something we may never be able to identify its existence. We may never be able to recognize the true meaning and would continue to ignore. Had Newton not discovered gravity we would still not be knowing various laws of physics and develop gadgets that made our life easier.

2. Development

The second phase of creation is development. When we know something we try to find more about it and get all the information available. We may start reading more, discuss with others and explore more about it thus getting a better idea.

3. Application

Now we know the topic in depth and we can apply our knowledge on some unexplored area. We take the first actual step of creation. We start to conduct our own experiments and get a perfect idea of the topic as we go further.

4. Mastering

With few failures and success, we now know almost everything. We start influencing people and even share knowledge on the topic. We are not classified into experts who have a deep knowledge on the subject.

5. Creation

This is the last step but most difficult to reach. Almost 99% people who have reached till level four are unable to reach to this step. Only 1% people who have practical knowledge are able to reach here! Creation requires blend of theoretical knowledge as well as practical knowledge. Although the process we gain theoretical knowledge but very few try to apply it practically.

So, Where do we learn these things from?

What are my career options?

Why practical knowledge is essential?

When is the right age to start working for the career?

How do I understand the technology around me?

How do I become a creator?

and so many questions come in mind along with it.

This is where work-o-shop plays an important the role in your life. Work-o-shop is a project which includes carefully designed workshops for every kind of person to gain practical knowledge and take right steps with a clear goal in mind.

Work-o-shop will always focus on those topics which are ignored in academics but are essential for success in life. For the start there are four major groups on which workshop topics will be covered:

  1. Technology

  2. Fashion & Lifestyle

  3. Career

  4. Gaming

The workshops on more than twenty topics from these groups will be launched online by end of September 2020 and offline courses will be launching from December 2020. These workshops can also be attended in the schools, colleges, offices or any of the partner institute. The list of partner institutes are yet to be revealed. All these educational workshops will be divided into different levels of difficulties. Students will have flexibility to select the level as per their present knowledge and skill for better understanding.

The workshops will be free as well as paid and will vary from topic to topic. Students can always get an idea of the content by reading blogs posted by our team members.

This is one-of-its kind learning experience which covers every topic in depth and will make you a creator.


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