What is Ethical Hacking?

We Imagine a Ethical Hacker sitting in a dark room facing towards the screen and constantly typing something to breach the passwords and control every hardware from just one computer. Sounds cool? Yes, It is.

Ethical Hacking is one of the most pursued job profile in computer science. The purpose of Ethical hacking is to deal with the breaches of cyber security with the knowledge of laws and build an effective cyber security wall for your organization. So, Ethical hacker does the same thing as a hacker but the intentions differ. The Hacker wants to steal the data or plant a virus in the system while Ethical hacker looks for the possible breaches in the system and helps the developers in repairing it.


>> Information technology Analyst

>> Security Analyst

>> Security Consultant

>> Information Security manager

>> Penetration tester


>> Password guessing and cracking

>> Network traffic sniffing

>> Session hijacking

>> Session spoofing

>> Denial of service attacks

>> Exploiting buffer overflow vulnerabilities

>> SQL injection


There is no minimum educational qualification for attending the Ethical hacking and cyber security. Any individual with basic computer knowledge can learn and pursue his/her career in this field.


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