Is Virtual Reality really the future of Gaming?

Virtual Reality is amazing. It gives the experience to immerse into the games and experience the virtual world around us. Virtual reality devices like Playstation VR, Oculus Quest and HTC Vibe cosmos provides excellent quality of experience along with easy in-game interaction options. Games like Iron Man VR and Beat Saber push the limits of gaming and virtually throw the player into the game.

Augmented reality is easy to play and interact. Unlike Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality does not require a complex setup to play. It can be experienced on Television or mobile as well. It binds the player into the screen and let them interact with the surrounding by adding artificial characters in it.

These genres of gaming are widely accepted to be adapted for gaming in the future but will they really be the peak holders in near future?

Gamers in India are still struggling with issues like low ping, FPS, Server connections and Hardware limitations. Lack of proper internet connection and server locations far away from the country does not provide fair competitive advantage to the players in India. The expensive setup and accessories de-motivates them further. Indian gamers are looking for a gaming experience which is not limited to the hardware and can be played in pocket friendly rates. It is not just limited to gamers in India but many gamers from other countries wants the same thing. When the players are unable to access the traditional gaming setup with ease it makes difficult for VR games to enter into the market as they require expensive setup and has limited games developed for them at present.

What is the future of Gaming?

Internet is expanding and with it the quality of connection and speed is increasing too. In India, Internet service providers are providing speed upto 100 mbps with affordable plans. In near future we can expect high speed internet without data limit at affordable cost.

However, this does not solve the problem of purchasing a expensive hardware to play games! This is where the technology that gets to sit in the peak of gaming world has an opportunity and it has already born with development in the early stages. The cloud gaming provides a proper gaming experience with no requirement of high end hardware. It can be accessed on any kind of laptop/computer provided you are connected to the Internet.

On Nov 19 2019, Google launched the project called as Stadia. Stadia is a cloud gaming software which enables the user to connect to Google's server and play games using chrome browser. However, It requires loads of data and it can take 8-12 GB data per hour to stream 720p Video and also needs speed of at least 10 mbps for the same.This project has been launched in selected countries and is not likely to launch in India until 2021. This is just the beginning and may need lot of upgrades to make this tech perfect but it has opened the doors for many opportunities.

Imagine a gaming parlour which does not exist physically! All you need to do is login to the portal and connect to the server of nearest gaming parlour and play on your old laptop, desktop or mobile phone.Your hardware specifications will not affect the game quality and will provide you a 1080p resolution with high FPS. It eliminates the time required to travel to gaming lounge and avoid waiting at the lobby for your turn. The game zone will never close and will be available for you at any time you wish to play. It will also make easy for game parlour owners to reduce the cost of maintenance and interior as the server can be setup in a small room. This will provide them to expand their reach and provide low ping by setting up multiple mini servers in whole city. Levels gaming lounge in Nagpur city is working on the similar project called as "Playground".

Virtual reality is a very powerful tool but it has many limitations. It may take few more years to overcome these limitations and make this technology common among the gamers. Cloud gaming enhances the traditional gaming experience and makes it easier to access along with cutting the cost of playing. Both technologies are at earlier stage of development but cloud gaming has few perks that may give it the top spot in the gaming world until Virtual reality changes the way we have always played the game before.


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