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What is Work-o-shop?

Workshop is a online and offline teaching portal through which one can learn all those extra cirricular things that are not taught in academics. Work-o-shop helps in exploring the talents and provide knowledge to deal with practical issues in your life. You can enroll into various workshops of different topics. All topics are arranged in different level as per the difficulty and skill. After completing every level you will be given a certficate.

What are the topics covered in workshop?

There are 4 major groups in work-o-shop at present. 1. Technology 2. Fashion & Lifestyle 3. Careers 4. Gaming All the topics will be related to these four different groups. We are still working on the topics and will reveal them very soon.

How do I enroll?

Work-o-shop plans to tie up with educational institutes where we will be coming to deliver workshops. So you can wait until we reach to your college or directly attend our workshops by enrolling. Our enrollment links are not currently active. Once active, we will notify you.

How do I work with work-o-shop?

Work-o-shop is always open for people with talent. If you are good in something, be it in any field, provided that it can be taught, you can join us. It doesn't matter if you have stage fear or unable to teach the audience, we will work with you and find a role you are comfortable while working. If you are good with admininstration, technology or you write blogs; feel free to contact us. You can fill the form in Join us section and we will reach you as soon as possible.

When is work-o-shop launching?

We are working right now to launch our online portal by September 2020. Our offline workshop sessions are likely to start from Dec 2020. We will notify the progress on email updates and instagram account. You can subscribe to our email updates or follow us on instagram @levels.gaming