About Us

Work-o-Shop is a online & offline platform to teach and gain practical knowledge on various topics that are essential to advance in our career and daily life. Unlike academic education which mostly focuses on the theoretical part of subjects, Workoshop focus on the practical aspects and imparts only the necessary information within a limited period of time. Unlike other courses work-o-shop conducts a single session workshop which covers up the topic in all the depths. All the topics covered in work-o-shop are divided into four major Sections which are Technology, fashion & lifestyle, arts & crafts and Careers. Our workshops are designed by and under guidance of experts of respective fields and are fun and easy to understand the concept.

Why Work-o-shop ?

  • Each topic is divided into four sections that cover up the concept in depth thus making it easy for the students to grasp the concept with ease.

  • Unlike other tutorials work-o-shop is not all about video lectures. It makes you practice the concept hence making the session more interactive.

  • No workshop on any topic is longer than 200 mins. 

  • Practice and certification tests to measure progress.

  • Get certified after completion of course.

  • Re-orientation workshop for those who did not understood the concept well or did not perform good in certification test.

  • Theory + Interactive + Quiz + video tutorials in a single workshop.

  • Course material dispatched to home for online classes.